L.E. Baker

“I’m one of the happiest people in the universe. Thanks to Ryan Elliott who has contributed to this happiness. I’m a proud owner of an Assisted Living Home and it wouldn’t be possible without Ryan’s help. Ryan used his advance Accounting skills to secure a loan of ONE MILLION DOLLARS from one of the major banks for me. Ryan worked with me from the beginning to the end. The support and professionalism he provided was top-notch. Throughout the process, Ryan took charge by putting together a realistic and effective Business Plan. Which impressed the bank manager and it was one of the reasons for the approval of the Business Loan. Ryan also accompanied me to the bank to meet with the bank manger and top executives. Working with Ryan, I never felt alone or unsupported. Some of the things Ryan did to secure the loan was a comprehensive Business Plan, met with bank officials alone and with me, and Incorporated the business. I couldn’t have done this with you. Thanks a million!”